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Gereja Katedral Santa Maria Diangkat ke Surga (St. Mary of the Assumption Cathedral)

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On the warm morning, I heard a flock of birds singing beautifully. The pine trees waved peacefully, and the gloomy red roses smiled warmly to people stepping to the most impressive building in Jakarta, Gereja Katedral Santa Maria Diangkat ke Surga. As I intended to step inside the house of Jesus Christ, the white Blessed Virgin Mary statue steadily welcomed my sincere presence. Her innocent eyes thoroughly made me feel hypnotized. However, the sacred heart church bell called me to step inside the cathedral immediately.

My first step inside the cathedral broke the silent still of the holy atmosphere. Then, I walked down the aisle to find a chair. I tried to look around both on right and left sides while walking. There were meaningful and precious paintings figured and symbolized the life of Jesus Christ. Finally, I decided to sit in the fifth row on the right side. I was accompanied by the wooden statue of St. Joseph.

I saw five young male altar servers carrying the altar bell, golden cross, and burning incense in a metal censer. They faithfully walked down the aisle. Then, the priest slowly came forward to the holy altar. Everyone inside the house of Jesus Christ sincerely started to pray to him. Moreover, the burning incense started to spread out a perfect blend of musk, floral, and amber.


The priests standing near the holy altar began to pray solemnly. Sincerity was seen from the way they carried out the daily mass. Also, the male altar servers brought golden chalices, and they prepared the holy bread for Holy Communion. The priests gracefully prayed to appear the whole sacred body of Jesus Christ presented in the forms of the bread. Therefore, everyone started to stand in a line in order to taste the bread and feel the presence of God.

Eventually, the daily mass in Gereja Katedral Santa Maria Diangkat ke Surga flew fast. The priests and the young male altar servers started to leave the holy altar followed by everyone inside the cathedral. Only few people kept praying and holding their rosary. At the time, my stomach sang a hungry song, so I decided to have a lunch with my friends. While waiting my friends to pick me up, I began looking around the cathedral and capturing some pictures.

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